YouRiding Snowboard II - User Guide

User Guide

This page contains the game user guide. We explain how to play with your keyboard or a gamepad, we tell you how to use the main features of the game and you'll also find the answers to the frequently asked questions (faq).

Game controls

The game can be played with a KEYBOARD or a PAD CONTROLLER. You need to use a PAD CONTROLLER with two sticks, like the XBOX 360 controller or the PLAYSTATION3 controller.

Here are how we called the button on a PAD CONTROLLER:

Here are the controls for KEYBOARD and PAD CONTROLLER:

Speed Up / Frontflip in the Air Arrow UP Left Stick UP
Speed Down / Backflip in the Air Arrow DOWN Left Stick DOWN
Turn Right / Rotation to the Right in the Air Arrow RIGHT Left Stick RIGHT
Turn Left / Rotation to the Left in the Air Arrow LEFT Left Stick LEFT
Rotation Prep Right Key D L1
Rotation Prep Left Key G R1
Jump Key F Button 2
Lincoln to the Right Key E R2
Lincoln to the Left Key T L2
Grab 1 Key X Right Stick UP
Grab 2 Key C Right Stick DOWN
Grab 3 Key V Right Stick RIGHT
Grab 4 Key B Right Stick LEFT
Grab 5 Key H Right Stick UP LEFT
Grab 6 Key J Right Stick DOWN LEFT
Grab 7 Key K Right Stick DOWN RIGHT
Grab 8 Key L Right Stick UP RIGHT
Get ON or OFF the board
Set Session Marker Key U D-pad LEFT
Go to Session Marker Key I D-pad RIGHT
Change Camera TAB SELECT
Start Again Key Y Button 1

Grab list

Here are all the GRABS available in the game at the moment:

  • MUTE
  • TAIL
  • INDY
  • SAD
  • NOSE

How to

  • What's the ROTATION PREP?

Frequently asked questions

General information

  • When the game will be available?
  • Which languages are supported in the game?
  • What are YR Cash?
  • How do I get YR Cash?
  • Which payment methods are available?
  • What is the Premium status?
  • Are you going to make updates of the game?

My account

Installation guide

  • How do I install the game on a MAC computer?
  • I'm using a MAC computer and when I start the game, the download stops at 5% or 27%, what can I do?


  • How to take a screenshot?
  • Where does the game save the screenshots?

Map editor

Virtual shop


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